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Don’t Be a Grinch Beer and Hot Drinks Festival

December 9, 2023 @ 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

This December we’re all about the holidays! Don’t be a Grinch and come out to Shipgarten December 9th from 1-6pm for our Beer and Hot Drinks Festival. Enjoy sampling over 40 breweries, compete in festival events for prizes, or take pictures in our photo booth- there’s something for everyone!
***Shipgarten opens at 11 AM & the festival runs from 1 PM until 6 PM. Restaurant closes at 2 AM***
♫ Aubrey (12:30 PM-3:30 PM)
♫ Jake Mimikos Duo (4:00 PM – 7:00 PM)
2:00 PM Swagwalk (Cakewalk with swag prizes!)
3:00 PM Minute Jenga Tower Competition
4:00 PM Snowball Toss
5:00PM Candy Cane Claw Machine
♫ Ugly Sweater Dance Party featuring DJ John Coulter
Winter Wonderland:
❅ Free Photos with Santa (dogs welcome)
❅ Hot Drinks Menu
❅ 3 Grand Christmas Trees
❅ Craft with Mrs.Claus in Santas Workshop
❅ Try Roasting S’mores at our Fire Pits
❅ Free Face Painting
❅ Photo Ops with Christmas Props
❅ 25+ Christmas Inflatables
❅ Holiday Music
✪ Featured Breweries ✪

Aslin Esperante

Lager – Mexican / 4.5% ABV / 135 CAL / Alexandria, VA /

Here to improve the transition into your weekend is Esperante Mexican-style Lager. Slightly sweet, with notes of graham cracker, refreshing lemon-lime, & floral hints. A supreme pair with a slice of lime, & a meal straight off the grill.

Aslin VelociRabbit

IPA – American / 5.5% ABV / 165 CAL / Alexandria, VA /

The ancient ancestor of the modern day Kangaroo, a VelociRabbit was notorious for herding large amounts of Beach Chickens to their demise. This lower ABV IPA is the little brother of Laser Raptors. Using the same amounts of Mosaic, Simcoe and Chinook as Laser Raptors, this beer has a powerful berry aroma and nice pine note. The oats and wheat maintain the creamy mouthfeel that Laser Raptors is known for lending the lower ABV the ability to make a crispy break just as the hops surprise your palate.


Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan Weihenstephaner 1516

Kellerbier / 5.6% ABV / 25 IBU / 168 CAL / Freising, Bayern /

The first sip of this amber-orange-coloured Kellerbier reveals a touch of caramel. Its fresh and fruity aroma is owed to the chosen hops and accompanied by a pleasant bitterness. In combination with a well-balanced malt body this wonderfully mild and smooth beer was created to please both, your tongue and mind. The hops chosen are the rare sort “Hallertauer Record” for bittering and “Hallertauer Perle” as well as “Hallertauer Mittelfrüh” for aroma.


Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan Weihenstephaner Korbinian

Bock – Doppelbock / 7.4% ABV / 32 IBU / 222 CAL / Freising, Bayern /

Our Korbinian, the full-bodied, dark Doppelbock with light brown foam, wins beer-lovers over with a balance of fruity hints of plums and figs, a dark malt aroma – reminiscent of toffee, nuts and chocolate. Its roasted flavour goes well with smoked meat and fish as well as venison and poultry. Brewed according to our centuries-old brewing tradition on the Weihenstephan hill.


Brasserie Dupont Saison Dupont

Farmhouse Ale – Saison / 6.5% ABV / 30 IBU / 195 CAL / Tourpes, Wallonie /

Saison Dupont is a world classic beer and the yardstick for one of Belgium’s most important beer styles. It is the most admired AND imitated Saison in the world. A strong, vital yeast is key to full attenuation and thus to the style. Saison Dupont is straw colored with a dense creamy head. The nose is alive, like fresh raised bread, estery with citrus and spice notes. Full-bodied and malty, it sparkles on the palate and finishes with a zesty hop and citrus attack. Incredibly compatible with food!


Brasserie d’Achouffe Houblon Chouffe

IPA – Belgian / 9% ABV / 47 IBU / 270 CAL / Achouffe, Wallonie /

The gnomes of Fairyland may be little, but they have big, very big, personalities. HOUBLON CHOUFFE matches their impish spirits. All gnomes, with their innate good taste, are in full agreement about HOUBLON CHOUFFE, which is flavoured by three different types of hops. This India Pale Ale is appreciated for its pronounced bitterness combined with the fruity tones of traditional Achouffe beers: it softens the strongest of characters.


Brasserie d’Achouffe La Chouffe Blond

Belgian Strong Golden Ale / 8% ABV / 20 IBU / 240 CAL / Achouffe, Wallonie /

The gnomes of Fairyland are particularly fond of this golden beer. LA CHOUFFE, with its slight hoppy taste, combining notes of fresh coriander and fruity tones, is the drink which gives them their zest for life. At least, that’s what these imps say when they are thirsty. Their secret used to be jealously guarded from one generation to the next until the day they shared the recipe with humans to seal their friendship. Of all the legends from the wonderful region of the Belgian Ardennes, the tale of LA CHOUFFE is the one which most merits re-telling.


Brasserie d’Achouffe Mc Chouffe

Belgian Strong Dark Ale / 8% ABV / 20 IBU / 240 CAL / Achouffe, Wallonie /

Among the mythical characters living in Fairyland, some are more unusual than others. Malcolm, for example, is different because of his accent and his kilt: when it comes to beer, his favourite is Mc CHOUFFE. The delicious flavours of aniseed, liquorice and toffee tickle his taste buds. If you listen to him, he will boast of its ruby sparkle, its smooth bitterness and its strong character, worthy of his native Scotland. Although robust, Mc CHOUFFE goes down as easily as LA CHOUFFE.

Brouwerij Rodenbach Rodenbach Grand Cru

Sour – Flanders Red Ale / 6% ABV / 35 IBU / 180 CAL / Roeselare, Vlaanderen /

This is an aged Belgian red ale, which is ‘ripened quietly in oak barrels for two years’, according to the label. It has an extremely pungent aroma of rich grapey fruit, with acidic notes, very much like a slightly sour red wine or possibly a gueuze. In the mouth it is slightly sweet, extremely acidic and fruity, with grapes and even cherries discernible, and very lively. Despite the sweetness it is not at all cloying, even thin, with little or no trace of malt. Finish is sharp and fruity.


Delirium – Huyghe Deliria

Belgian Strong Golden Ale / 8.5% ABV / 32 IBU / 255 CAL / Melle, Vlaanderen /

Special beer brewed once a year to mark International Women’s Day.

Colour and appearance: a pale blonde colour and fine creamy-white head which clings to the glass.

Flavour: A pleasant sparkling carbonate content produces a soft, full taste perception. The aroma is very balanced with a fruity, flowery background and an initial Chardonnay impression which evolves into a spicy, mild aroma of hops.

Taste:Full-bodied and balanced with fruity tones of apple and Chardonnay grapes. Deliria has a fine, mild bitterness in its aftertaste and a splendid, round feel in the mouth which evolves well.


Delirium – Huyghe Delirium Nocturnum

Belgian Strong Dark Ale / 8.5% ABV / 24 IBU / 255 CAL / Melle, Vlaanderen /

Color and Sight: Dark Chocolate Brown with a compact foam, white-yellow, stable and creamy. Odor Touches of caramel, mocca and chocolate. Spices such as licorice and coriander are also present.

Taste: Initially a very pleasant sensation in the mouth of alcohol and softness. It is followed by a growing bitterness, which comes partly from hops, but also from roasted malt and chocolate malt.
Towards the end, pleasant balance between bitter, sour and sweet notes.


Erdinger Weissbräu Erdinger Dunkel

Wheat Beer – Dunkelweizen / 5.3% ABV / 14 IBU / 159 CAL / Erding, Bayern /

Selected dark malts with a fine roasted aroma make ERDINGER Dunkel a full-bodied enjoyment with a strong character. It fills the glass elegantly and shines in deep brown tones. The first sip delights with a harmonious harmony of selected dark wheat and barley malts with first-class Hallertau aromatic hops. Caramel notes, hints of nuts and fresh bread can be tasted. The traditional ERDINGER yeast unmistakably sets its top-fermenting accent. ERDINGER Dunkel made its debut in 1989 when the ERDINGER master brewer Werner Brombach, owner of the private brewery, brewed a dark wheat beer for his birthday. The recipient liked it so much that he put it on the market in 1990.


Grupa Żywiec Żywiec

Lager – Pale / 5.6% ABV / 24 IBU / 168 CAL / Żywiec, Silesian Voivodeship / 12.5°Blg


Hacker-Pschorr Weisse / Hefe Weiße / Weissbier

Wheat Beer – Hefeweizen / 5.5% ABV / 12 IBU / 165 CAL / Munich, Bayern /

Our unfiltered Hacker-Pschorr Weissbier is naturally cloudy, full-flavoured and uniquely refreshing. The history of Munich’s Hacker-Pschorr goes all the way back to 1417 and even plays a leading role in the foundation of Oktoberfest, when Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria asked them to brew a special beer for his Wedding in 1810.


Köstritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei Köstritzer Schwarzbier

Schwarzbier / 4.8% ABV / 22 IBU / 144 CAL / Bad Köstritz, Thüringen /

Since April 1991, the Köstritzer black beer brewery, a subsidiary of the Bitburger brewery, has emerged as of one of the most modern breweries in Thuringia. In September 1993, it was with great pride we (re-) introduced the “original Köstritzer black beer”.


Mustang Sally Phreak Peach Tangerine

Sour – Fruited / 6.2% ABV / 186 CAL / Chantilly, VA /

Sour ale with peach & tangerine. A Phreak series sour.


Old Ox Black Ox

Porter – Other / 6% ABV / 20 IBU / 180 CAL / Ashburn, VA /

A robust rye porter with hints of coffee and chocolate nicely balanced with a subtle hop influence. A substantial, malty ale, complex and flavorful with a medium body and a slightly roasty finish. The rich dark color is deceptively refreshing. The spice in the rye clears the palate. A sip will explain why we say this is a delightful combination of sweet and spicy!


Old Ox Keg Nog

Spiced / 8% ABV / 240 CAL / Ashburn, VA /

We’ve brewed up one Dickens of an ale. Wheat, oats, and lactose contribute to a silky mouthfeel while nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon add just the right amount of spice. Images of Fezziwig will dance in your head!


Oskar Blues Brewery® Dale’s® Pale Ale

Pale Ale – American / 6.5% ABV / 65 IBU / 200 CAL / Longmont, CO /

This voluminously hopped mutha delivers a hoppy nose and assertive-but-balanced flavors of pale malts and citrusy floral hops from start to finish. Oskar Blues launched its canning ops in 2002, brewing and hand-canning Dale’s Pale Ale in the Lyons, Colorado, brewpub. America’s first-craft-canned mountain pale is a hearty, critically acclaimed trailblazer that changed the way craft beer fiends perceive portable beer


Oskar Blues Brewery® Mama’s Little Yella Pils®

Pilsner – Czech / 4.7% ABV / 35 IBU / 150 CAL / Longmont, CO /

Mama’s Little Yella Pils – Our upcoming new canned good is a small-batch version of the beer that made Pilsen, Czechoslovakia famous. Mama’s is made with hearty amounts of pale malt, German specialty malts, and a blend of traditional (Saaz) and 21st century Bavarian hops. Our first canned lager, it’s also fermented at cool temperatures with a German yeast. This tasteful reality Czech is the perfect antidote for the watered-down versions of pilsner clogging Americaâ’s shelves. And Mama’s gentle hopping (about 35 IBUs) and low ABV (just 4.7%) mean we’re finally honoring consumer requests for a delicious but less-challenging beer. (Hey, we like a good low-dose session beer, too.) Look for our Gold Metal Winner on US shelves in March. Sadly, the Feds rejected our Take Two and Call Us in the Morning line on the can.


Paulaner Brauerei Salvator

Bock – Doppelbock / 7.9% ABV / 28 IBU / 237 CAL / Munich, Bayern /

Paulaner Salvator, with its strong, typically malty flavour, is what you could call the “original” Paulaner. The bottom-fermented “Doppelbock” beer combines the finest hops and dark barley malt. The Paulaner monks used to drink Salvator as a food substitute during Lent. The most famous master brewer was Frater Barnabas.


Three Notch’d History In the Making

IPA – New England / 7% ABV / 20 IBU / 210 CAL / Charlottesville, VA /

Brewed in collaboration with Sam Adams and their Head Brewer, Megan Parisi, this is their “true New England-style” take on our Minute Man IPA. Like us, they are not only inspired by history, but passionate about making it. Join the celebration of our 10th anniversary and raise a can (or glass).


Three Notch’d Mango Wheat

Wheat Beer – American Pale Wheat / 4.8% ABV / 12 IBU / 144 CAL / Charlottesville, VA /

Crushable wheat beer brewed with slightly sweet, juicy mango


Tucher Bräu Dunkles Hefe Weizen

Wheat Beer – Dunkelweizen / 5.2% ABV / 13 IBU / 156 CAL / Fürth, Bayern /

A Bavarian specialty of dark colored, top fermented yeast beer with typical yeast cloudiness. Its unmistakable and well balanced taste is due to an excellent choice of dark aromatic malt and goes very well with traditional Bavarian dishes


Tucher Bräu Original Nürnberger Rotbier

Lager – Amber / 5.5% ABV / 165 CAL / Fürth, Bayern /

Our original Nuremberg red beer reflects the origins of the Nuremberg brewing craft and is brewed according to a traditional recipe. We brew our red beer as full beer and strong beer using four types of malt each. The powerful strong beer is stored in oak barrels for fine maturation. After the storage time, our master brewers decide purely based on sensory criteria whether and, above all, which strong beer stored in wooden barrels can be mixed with the full beer. The result is a balanced, yet powerfully lively red beer of a special kind!

Taste: deep and powerful

Beer color: amber

Original wort content: 13.4%

Alcohol content: 5.5% vol.

Brewing method: bottom fermented

Drinking temperature: 8 ° C


December 9, 2023
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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