Movement Mondays: Uncork & Unwind

Join us at Shipgarten for Movement Mondays! This Monday, we will have Uncork & Unwind led by yoga instructors, Anh and Ashley. These classes are free, but donations are appreciated. All abilities and skill levels are welcome! Please bring a yoga mat, a reusable water bottle, and other preferred yoga props. We recommend bringing sunglasses, a towel, and sunscreen too! Our class will start with a 45 minute detoxing Vinyasa flow followed by a 30 minute unwinding Restorative yoga (passive stretching) practice ending with a relaxing meditation to fully decompress from your day and get your week moving in the right direction! All levels welcome. Nourish your body with food and drink from Shipgarten after this relaxing practice! We will have $6 glasses of pinot grigio, rosè, and a red blend! Parking is available at 1700 Old Meadow Road McLean, VA 22102 with free shuttle service. Event Schedule: 6:00 - 6:15 PM Welcome and Stretches 6:15 - 7:00 PM Vinyasa Yoga 7:00 - 7:30 PM Restorative Yoga + Meditation 7:30 - 8:00 PM Social time with Q&A var exampleCallback = function() { console.log('Order complete!'); }; window.EBWidgets.createWidget({ // Required widgetType: 'checkout', eventId: '702556564597', iframeContainerId: 'eventbrite-widget-container-702556564597', // Optional iframeContainerHeight: 425, // Widget height in pixels. Defaults to a minimum of 425px if not provided onOrderComplete: exampleCallback // Method called when an order has successfully completed });

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